Adopt a Hive and Save Our Country’s Bees

 Sadly the recent floods earlier this year caused the loss of thousands of hives across the country. It is estimated that nearly 6000 hives were lost during this time. To put that into perspective; if you have one hive per square kilometer then that is the loss of all hives in the area from Cape Town to Hermanus, Hermanus to Worcester, Worcester to Yzerfontein and back down to Cape Town.

This is a devastating loss to the local farming industry which needs bees to pollinate our fruit, supply us with honey and most importantly keep up our bee population in a time when bees in general are declining in great numbers across our planet.

Berg River Honey has therefore decided to start an initiative to rebuild the number of hives by starting a hive adoption program that will give us the means to grow our hives quicker, so as to replenish those lost in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape; all whilst saving you money with a honey supply at much reduced cost from your very own adopted hive.

Here’s how it works:

You adopt a hive for a period of 2 years. During these two years you will receive honey we produce from the hive; 2.8kg every 3 months. That’s 22.4kg of honey over a period of 24 months. If you do the maths you will receive honey at less than R135/kg. That’s pretty darn good value for your money!

As we get the funds for a new hive up front, we then start working on a second hive to the one you have adopted. It takes us 6 months to build and grow the new hive to a point where we can either sell it to affected bee-keepers who need to replace their stock or we keep it and use it to build and grow even more hives. Either way it becomes an organic process whereby the more hives there are, the more bees there are to work, grow and split off into new hives; thereby growing the local bee population. The more hives we have overall the quicker the industry can recover.

Please consider partnering with us in this initiative by adopting a hive for a period of two years. You will be saving not only our bees, but also on the price of your honey.

You can adopt a hive today by adding one or more to your cart and checking out. We will then get in contact with you to provide you with a certificate of adoption as a small thank you, deliver your first 2.8 tub/s of honey and also add you to our Adopters email where we will give you quarterly feedback on your hive/s and what your bees have been getting up to.

Add one or more to your cart now to become an Adopter and help our bee population recover. Thank you!