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Berg River Honey

Berg River Honey - 2.8kg tub

Berg River Honey - 2.8kg tub

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Berg River Honey 2.8kg Tub - Raw, unfiltered and non-irradiated honey in a 2.8kg white tub.

Please note: As our honey is as raw and natural as it comes, you may find that your honey will crystalize from time to time, especially when its cold. This is a sign of high quality honey! Simply place the container into warm water and it will return back to its natural flow and consistency. Honey bees keep their honey warm in the hive, so this is a natural way of bringing your honey back to the way it is made.

Savor the golden gift of Berg River Honey, a pure and natural delight. Our honey is carefully harvested and bottled raw, unfiltered and non-irradiated, allowing you to experience its true essence. With its natural golden color and delicate sweetness, each spoonful is a taste of nature at its very best.

Berg River Honey embodies the harmony between bees and the pristine environment in which it is made. Elevate your moments with this exquisite honey, perfect for enhancing your favorite recipes or enjoying as a sweet indulgence.

Berg River Honey: a touch of nature in every drop.

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